Do you know how vulnerable your kids are when they go online?

With the world becoming a more virtually connected place, understanding the dangers of the web are essential to your child's wellbeing.

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Meet Retired Detective
Ryan Pacheco

Working in Law Enforcement for nearly 13 years, Pacheco spent over 10 years as a Detective assigned to Major Crime Investigations. He was responsible for conducting various undercover online investigations and response to children exploited via the Internet...


"This is not a book for parents who passively watch television police dramas and yawn. Instead, imagine a real police detective helping you, as a parent, navigate the underbelly of social media, jointly building defensive borders to protect your precious child. Now, imagine that same police detective diving into the grunge of this sick social underbelly, rescuing abducted children from sexual predators. Finally, overlay the face of your child onto one of those imagined victims. Then, respond rather than react. Help is on the way. Read this book - follow the author’s directions. He may help you save your child’s life. Or, you can just go back to watching TV..."

Dennis Mansfield

"Every parent should read this book. You can keep your children off the street, keep them from going to parties and make them be home by 10:00, but so many times kids are victimized over the internet while they are at home, in their bedroom in the middle of the afternoon. The dangerous part of the internet is that anyone can be whoever they want to your child. This book explains the tactics they use and how to prevent your children from being lured in to a dangerous situation. Technology is a moving target but this resource can help parents be better parents."

Gary Raney
GAR INC. Criminal Justice Consulting and Former Ada County, Idaho Sheriff

"Raising Net safe kids is a must read for parents, teachers, and anyone working with kids! It is no longer enough just to warn kids-we must be proactive and involved, and working on teaching children how to be advocates for their own safety online. Helping adolescents maneuver the difficult years of identity, self-acceptance and purpose is a crucial part of helping them realize that they must THINK when they are online. As sophisticated as teenagers are online- constant vigil is imperative- and this book offers insightful and heart wrenching examples of how otherwise tech savvy kids can be emotionally, socially and physically manipulated -because at heart - they are still just kids. Thank you Ryan for your work on behalf of Idaho's most precious resource- our children. Thank you for creating a resource to empower and educate us about the need to protect the most vulnerable of our state. In my generation, the big parent "talk" was about the "birds and bees".. The internet has added a whole new level of information to this parent talk.. HAVE the talk- knowing that this book is an outstanding reference and proof of WHY you MUST have the big "talk" and pay attention- no matter how uncomfortable YOU may feel.""

Lori Otter
Idaho First Lady

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